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What services we provide

What is our core business and focus

We provide BPO and consultancy services in the area of accounting, payroll and HR administration. Our clients cooperate with us to turn their back-office activities into a strategic function which helps them to attain success in their business. In addition we provide full-range tax consultancy, corporate and legal services, to enhance the strategic decisions of our clients with regard to industry, country or region in which they operate. Our mission is to be an important part of our clients’ success in countries where they do business by providing top-class outsourcing and advisory services.

As a team originating from CEE we are familiar with differences between particular countries in the region and thus we can perfectly understand our clients’ position by entering these markets and their needs by actually doing business. We make sure our clients minimize risks and enter the markets smooth and safe without experiencing any unwanted surprises.

What we are good at and why

Our expertise, deep understanding of our customer’s business, out-of-the-box thinking and enthusiasm in everything we do make from us a reliable partner to enjoy working with. Our confidence is originating from our expertise and experience:

    • We are confident in understanding our clients’ needs and driven to discover tailor-made and not standard solutions for them
    • We rely on our advanced professionals with solid local and international background
    • We develop IT solutions for our clients to better manage accounting, payroll and HR processes
    • We have experience with multi-country service delivery, driving down costs and saving time spent with managing a network of different external providers
    • We report both to local and regional management effectively, inserting a level of control that allows to safely manage our client’s foreign operations
    • We have certified our system of information security management according to ISO 27001:2005 and quality management according to ISO 9001:2008

How we innovate

We invent and design our own IT solutions

In Accace we develop our own IT solutions building on a solid knowledge of accounting and payroll processes, our strong IT background and experience as users of many local and international ERP systems. We understand very well the needs of financial or HR professionals and therefore we are able to respond with suitable solutions.

TULIP Accounting Portal

We have developed TULIP Accounting based on our many years of experience in providing accounting services to our customers – ranging from small companies to big corporations with several thousands of documents processed per month. In addition to the integrated OCR and document management system TULIP allows automated booking and access to reports in real time.

TULIP Payroll Portal

TULIP Payroll was developed by our own IT team and payroll experts, with the aim to eliminate a series of risks, as well as to increase control over the data during the entire payroll processing, HR administration and reporting stages. TULIP Payroll ensures: secure data exchange, approval processes management, payslips distribution, ticketing, time and attendance and much more.